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logo pursue your hoppiness

Pursue Your Hoppiness

Our IPA is made with a Norwegian style yeast. It is heavily hopped in the kettle for aromatics, very smooth in flavor. Slightly juicy, slightly sweet; also, very reminiscent of North New England style IPA’s, but made on our terms.

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logo me julio

Me & Julio

Our Mexican Lager is a very clean & crisp lager! It is produced in the traditional way of the lagers of Latin America. Brewed with Sterling hops; which is a hybrid of Chech Saaz & American Cascade hops. Bringing two traditional hops together to create a nice hint of hop flavor to a very refreshing crisp beer.

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logo red rory

Red Rory of the Hills

This is an Irish Red Ale made of traditional European ingredients including Irish & American malts. It has a low hop presence; slightly malty & slightly sweet & deep red in color.

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John Russell Brewing Co Label theotherguy

The Other Guy

Our Session IPA is made with a century’s old Norwegian yeast to produce a slightly spicy flavor along with the All-American hops that we utilize through the kettle & hop back.

We use Citra & Simcoe hops for aroma, flavor & bittering.

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logo blood orange sky

Blood Orange Sky

Our Belgian Tripel is a unique, fruity beer with hints of banana & clove with Blood Orange puree added post-fermentation for added flavor.

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John Russell Brewing Co Label CantLiveWitteOutYou


A light Belgian-Style Witte originating from Belgium giving a spiced tart flavor from yeast & spices.

We utilize a unique yeast tang with traditional spices.

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logo wheat elect

Wheat Elect

Brewed as a Traditional German Weissbier with southern influence & emphasis on technique. Fruity aromas & flavors of banana & clove.

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John Russell Brewing Co Label chuckthenightwatchman


An American take on an Irish Stout found mostly in only one area South East of Ireland. Slightly sweeter, but like other Irish stouts, nitrogenated.

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John Russell Brewing Co Label Wee Heavy 22


A malty sweet ale of Scottish decent. This ale has been aged in Laphroaig & Glenallachie Scotch Barrels for 22 months, hence the 22 in the name. This adds an amazing peated smoke character to this ale.